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COVID Protection Framework

Information for staff returning to on-campus teaching in 2022.

Teaching on campus

All teaching and learning activities (other than tests and exams) can proceed in-person and on-campus as timetabled, and students are encouraged to attend on-campus. Read the full notice here and refer to the COVID-19 protection framework plan on the Staff Intranet.

Live lecture streaming has been enabled as an option to facilitate learning for students who are unable, or reluctant, to attend lectures in person. Live streaming should be considered as an additional tool to compliment the recording, which is made available to students 24 hours later and stored in Canvas via the Panopto Video tab.

See also: coursework guidelines, to help teaching staff respond to students’ unexpected circumstances.

Frequently asked questions

Is mask-wearing mandatory in class?

The restrictions for mask wearing have been lifted as of 12 September 2022. However, the University encourages their use, particularly where physical distancing is difficult. Please respect other’s right to choose, in line with our culture and values. More information about mask use on campus is provided on the central website and by the Tertiary Education Commission.

How many students are allowed to gather in my teaching space?

The University has looked at all teaching spaces to test them against the occupancy limits set by the COVID Protection framework, to ensure that they have appropriate ventilation. As a result of the review, and clarification from the Ministry of Education of what our requirements are, we have identified that almost all our spaces can be used at normal occupancy. The capacity listed in the timetable system is the accurate capacity that is allowed.

Part of the clarification from the Ministry is that physical distancing is not required, namely that students are not required to remain 1m apart at all times in a room, and normal occupancy may mean that students are sitting next to each other without a space in between, or come into close proximity (e.g., while sharing facilities in a teaching lab).

For more information, please see: University operations under the COVID-19 Protection Framework.

Will the Enrolments office still maintain class ‘Sections’ in Canvas?

Yes. There will be both ‘OO’ streams for international students studying offshore, ‘NO’ for New Zealand and Australian students who are offshore, and ‘NZ’ for domestic students with approval to study remotely.

See more about class Sections in Canvas

What is the University's response to those with concerns around Omicron?

On 15 March 2022, the University held a forum with a panel of experts and responded to questions about the Omicron variant from staff. The recording and responses to questions are available on the Omicron forum, expert panel page.

What is the University's response to those with vaccination concerns?

The University held a vaccinations forum with a panel of experts and responded to questions from staff. These questions are addressed on the COVID-19 vaccination policy FAQs page.

Do I still need a back-up plan for pivoting to online teaching?

Teachers should plan for the case where on-campus activities are restricted due to a heightened COVID risk or localised lockdown.

Note: In 2022, most tests and exams that would normally have been invigilated on campus will be conducted as non-invigilated, online assessments.

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