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The requirements for assessment are outlined in the Assessment (coursework, tests and examinations) policy and the Teaching delivery, coursework, tests and examinations policy for 2021. Consideration must also be given to the principles of assessment.

Assessment redesign

Design assessments to promote higher-order thinking.

Tests and exams

Guidelines for the delivery of online, non-invigilated assessments.


Learn about Inspera for delivering online, non-invigilated final exams.

Marking and grading

Using rubrics, Canvas SpeedGrader and Inspera Grader.

Assessment policy for 2022

The briefing to staff on teaching, learning and assessment arrangements in 2022 provides details on the delivery of mid-semester tests and final exams; we have summarised these on the tests and exams page. This document will be formalised by the ‘Omnibus Statute’ available in mid-December 2021.

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