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The requirements for assessment outlined in the Assessment (Coursework, Tests and Examinations) Policy apply unless a continued variation applies. Consideration must be given to the Principles of Assessment.

Update: 14 August 2020

As announced by the Vice-Chancellor, we will remain in remote teaching mode for next week (Monday 17 August onwards).

  • Any tests scheduled for this time must be run online in a non-invigilated setting.
  • The timing and weighting of these tests will be as previously stated and scheduled. 
  • Where necessary and practicable, tests should be modified to ensure they are appropriate for non-invigilated delivery with consideration given to the time available for students to complete the task.
  • Do not cancel tests unless absolutely necessary and please advise your students as soon as possible about the arrangements for teaching and upcoming assessments and tests.
  • If not already scheduled, test start times are recommended to be after 1pm to allow for differences with time zones in Asia where most offshore students are situated.
  • All students sitting online tests must be advised about the importance of academic integrity and the University’s approach to academic misconduct, including the identification of students who dishonestly use external online resources during tests.

Guidance and support for assessment design, academic integrity and online delivery are available through the Remote Learning website.

A more detailed policy statement will be released next week.

All Digital Course Outlines will automatically have a standard statement added for Semester Two 2020:

In this course, you may be asked to submit your coursework assessments digitally. The University reserves the right to conduct scheduled tests and examinations for this course online or through the use of computers or other electronic devices. Where tests or examinations are conducted online remote invigilation arrangements may be used. The final decision on the completion mode for a test or examination, and remote invigilation arrangements where applicable, will be advised to students at least ten days prior to the scheduled date of the assessment, or in the case of an examination when the examination timetable is published.