Canvas Quiz and Assignment

Canvas Quizes and Assignments can be used for both formative or summative modes of assessment.

Canvas Assignment

Designed for essay-type answers and file uploads, and easy integration with Turnitin.

Canvas Quiz

Canvas Quizzes can make use of question banks and can comprise a number of different question types.

Canvas Quiz and Turnitin

A workaround for downloading Canvas Quiz written answers for checking with Turnitin.

Use Assignment Groups

If you plan to use both a Canvas Quiz and Assignment for your assessment (e.g. the mid-semester test), make it clear to students that both parts comprise the total marks. For clarity, put your Canvas Quiz and Assignment into the same Assignment Group and label the group accordingly, e.g., ‘Online Exam – ECON 101 or Mid-Semester Test’.

Comparison between Canvas Quiz and Assignment

Features Canvas Quiz Canvas Assignment
Can examiners upload documents and media files as part of assessment instructions? Yes – Recommend locking access to these files for release on final assessment dates only. Yes – Recommend locking access to these files for release on final assessment dates only.
Can examiners use rubrics for marking? Not recommended – rubrics attached to quizzes allow you to view and choose criteria, but not add marks to grading. Marks must be added as an extra step manually, which introduces the risk of error. If rubrics are useful for students to see for their assessment, suggest giving clear guidance in question instructions (e.g., as a pdf document) for transparency of grading. Yes
Can students upload files as part of their assessment answer? Yes – use the Essay question type or File upload question type. Yes
Can students record audio/video directly in assessment question answer box for submission? Yes – Use the Essay question type. Students can use the Record media function in the menu of the answer text box. Yes – Students can use the ‘Media Recordings’ for Submission Type.
Can examiners randomise questions students receive? Yes – Use question banks. See this demonstration video on using question banks. No
Can examiners use Turnitin for plagiarism checks of text answers in Canvas? No, but we have developed a workaround that requires some technical expertise. Follow the guide on how to download written quiz answers for uploading to Turnitin. Yes – Recommend setting up Plagiarism Review in Assignment settings.
Is there an option available to allow students to review the similarity report on their submission from Turnitin and make alterations before their final submission? No – Turnitin plagiarism check can only be administered after the end of the final assessment period so students cannot view this. Yes – Recommend to communicate expectations and guidelines around this to students in assessment instructions, e.g., number of submissions and so on.

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