Exam processes for teachers in Summer School, 2021

Summer School exams – Monday 15 to Wednesday 17 February 2021.

Exams must be submitted to the Examinations Office, by the 4 February 2021

To ensure that the University is prepared in case of a COVID alert level change, all courses must have an online exam created in Canvas, even if there are no offshore students enrolled.

  • At a minimum, the paper-based exam document must be uploaded to the course shell page to ensure a quick switch to online exam delivery. This may impact MCQ/Teleform exams – examiners should consider how these question types may be best converted to a digital exam.
  • Online exams should be uploaded to the shell course in Canvas, and submitted via link to results@auckland.ac.nz. The paper-based exam should be uploaded to the Exams Sharepoint site as usual.

Overview of the process

Prior to exam submission

Exams Office to check/review, and inform teachers if any changes are required

One day before exams

Exams Office will import one day before the exam and inform teachers once done

1. Create paper-based and online Exam versions


Instructions for paper-based exam version

Detailed instructions on preparing your exam paper can be found in the Guidelines for the preparation of exam papers. Individualised templates are provided for each course on the Exams SharePoint site.

Instructions for online exam version

  • A Canvas Course Shell will be created, and the examiners will be added to the course.
  • Create the assessment in the Course Shell as if it is the live assignment which includes all instructions, dates etc. Ensure only content relates to the exam (quiz and/or assignments) is available for Exams Office to review (delete any non-relevant or test information).
  • Create assignment and quizzes ensuring it meets the requirements set out in the provided PDF checklist.
  • Ensure naming convention followed (include “Online Exam and Course Code” in the title).
    Title includes Online Exam and Course Code
  • Add assessment instructions including student support as stated below:

Student support instructions:

The Contact Centre will be open 8am–9.45pm Monday to Friday and 8am–5.45pm Saturday, throughout the Exam period.

If you wish to raise concerns during the Online Exam, please call Auckland: 09 373 7513, New Zealand: 0800 61 62 63, or International: +64 9 373 7513. 

If you have an issue with Canvas, live chat is available 24/7 with Canvas Support, via the Help button within your Canvas left-hand side bar. If you are in New Zealand, you can also call the Canvas Support Hotline on 0800 005 205.

It is your responsibility to ensure your assessment is successfully submitted on time. Please don’t leave it to the last minute to submit your assessment.

If any corrections to the Online Exam are made you will be notified by a Canvas Announcement. Please ensure your notifications are turned on during this period.

  • Ensure academic honesty declaration statement is included in the quiz and/or assignment.
  • Ensure exam dates including available and due dates/times correct as per standard Exam Timetable to match Exams Timetable for students studying remotely.
  • Ensure all the assignments/quizzes are unpublished.
  • Ensure that only one quiz and one assignment is created. Multiple quizzes or assignments need to be setup as single assignments.
  • Review with Assessor/HoD and submit to Exams Office before the due date.


All content created in Online Exam Course Shells will be imported to real courses.

The content could include:

2. Submit Exam versions for the Exams Office to review

Once the exam content is ready for review, submit both versions to the Exams Office for review. The paper-based version will use follow the standard Exams Office submission process, through the SharePoint site. The online version will use the same submission process as Semester 1 Final Assessments.

Submission 1 – Paper-Based Exam

Exam papers must be submitted through the Exams SharePoint site.

Submission 2 – Online Exam

Details of the online exam must be submitted via email. Include the following details in send it to results@auckland.ac.nz

  • Course Code:  ECON 151
  • URL link to Canvas assignments: http://canvas.auckland.ac.nz/course/assignments/1234567
  • Assessment type: Quiz
  • Contact name and number: John Doe, 02101234567
  • Approved by: Jane Doe (HoD)
  • Paper version submitted to Exams SharePoint site?  Yes / No

3. Check imported exams and publish

The Exams Office will import the online exam to the course created for remote students one (1) day before the exam day.

Teachers/teaching support need to check the following settings in their real courses before publishing:

  • Unpublish/remove any duplicates of exams assigned to students.
  • Check the points and weighting on the exams are correct.
  • Check dates in the are correct as per Exam start and end time as per standard Exam Timetable to match Exams Timetable for students studying remotely.
  • Check the grade posting policy in Grades is ‘Manually’ so answers are not revealed to students during the exam period.
  • Publish online exam once teachers have checked all imported content before exam start time.
  • Teachers are also recommended to post an announcement to students confirming the exam start/end time (e.g., different time zone, special conditions and overloaded students) and remind students of the support instructions during the exam.
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