Inspera exam processes for teachers

The Semester One examination (Thursday 10 June – Monday 28 June 2021) timetable has been released to students.

The submission deadlines for exam papers:

  • Monday 17 May for exams in Week 1 and 2 (10 June – 19 June)
  • Monday 24 May for exams in Week 3 (21 June – 28 June)


The Inspera support team is on hand to help with the preparation of Inspera question sets, and all other Inspera-related queries.

Process overview for setting up and submitting exam


6. Create an exam cover page from the template
Submit question set(s) to Exams Office
6b. Exams Office deliver final exams

Marking and grading

8. Complete marks finalisation in Canvas
(more information to come)

Pre-exam checklist for Inspera online exam





  • Check for spelling mistakes, making sure that the answer selection is correct and correctly spelled.
  • Check all questions have appropriate marks allocated.
  • Make sure all necessary marking schemes are uploaded or included in the question set (if applicable).
  • Preview question and question set(s) to review formatting so that it meets accessibility requirements.  If needed, refer to How to preview and format questions.  
  • Ensure the correct naming convention Course name – Term Code is used for the question set. E.g., ARTHIST 114/114G – 1213 
  • Share with colleagues to complete internal review 
    –  Course assessor 
      Head of Department or nominee 
    –  Faculty administration (if applicable) 


Submit to Exams Office

  • Create a cover page using the exams cover page template.  Always include student instructions on this page.   
  • Fill out and submit exam submission form.
    Submission deadline: 
    Mon 17 May – Papers examined in Week 1 (Thu–Sat) and Week 2 (Mon-Sat)
    Mon 24 May – Papers examined in Week 3 (Mon- Mon)   
  • Share question set(s) with Exams Office (instructions found in the exam submission form) 


Next steps

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