The Grade Posting policy in the Canvas Gradebook for the assessment should be set to ‘Manually’ so the grades are not visible to students until they are ready to be released.

Tips for using SpeedGrader

We recommend using SpeedGrader for marking Canvas Assignments and Quizzes.

If you activate the Plagiarism Review in your Canvas Assignment settings, SpeedGrader will also display the Turnitin similarity report. Unfortunately Canvas Quiz does not integrate with Turnitin but we have provided a workaround that may require some technical expertise for downloading Quiz answers, that can be uploaded to Turnitin. Please consult with your Faculty delegate if there are other specific marking requirements.

If you are unfamiliar with marking in SpeedGrader, view the following guides:

Grading by Question in Assignment – UoA Toolbox

If you have a single assignment upload that consists of multiple questions that need to be marked by different markers, you can use Rubric Grading by Question (found in the UoA Toolbox).

You will need to set up the Rubric Grading by Question in your live course before you start marking the Assignment.

Setting up Rubric Grading by Question

  1. Attach a rubric to your Assignment in the live course first. You can have one big rubric that combines together all the criteria that various questions in the assessment will be marked by.
  2. Once your rubric is set up, go to UoA Toolbox (found on the left-hand navigation menu of Canvas) > Rubric Grading by Question.
  3. Select the relevant Assignment.
  4. The different criteria in the rubric will be displayed. Add the number of questions you have by clicking ‘Add Question’. Select which criterion on the rubric applies to each question and click ‘Save’. Close when you are finished.


Once students have submitted their assignments, you can mark by question. If you are using multiple markers, ensure that markers are not marking the same question at the same time because they can accidentally override each other’s marks.

  • Go to UoA Tool box > Rubric Grading by Question, then select the appropriate assignment. Please remind markers do not go to Assignments to mark.
  • Check that Hide graded students and Hide students with no submission are clicked.
  • Start marking by clicking the first (blue) square that appears for the question you need to mark.
  • In the right-hand menu, click View rubric to see the criterion that applies to the specific question you need to mark. (This is what you set up before – so you only see the relevant criteria that applies to each question.)
  • Select the relevant point scores on the rubric, then Save.
  • You can navigate to the same question submitted by the next ungraded student by clicking Go to Next Ungraded Submission.
  • In each submission, you are able to view the entire document submitted so you can navigate to the correct answer. This way it doesn’t matter if a student has accidentally put the answers on the wrong page – you will be able to find what you need.
  • Once you have graded all student submissions of an individual question, you will see a message: All students with submission have been graded against this question.

    Canvas screenshot showing the SpeedGrader page
  • If you need to, you can also navigate to another question in submissions by choosing the appropriate question in View by question.

For more information, see Rubric Grading by Question.

Multiple markers using SpeedGrader

If multiple staff members are grading the same student at the same time in Canvas SpeedGrader (e.g., for different questions), only the last entered grade will be saved. To avoid this, we recommend choosing either of the following options to support strip marking/grading, which is commonly used to grade tests and exams:

  • Consider creating a ‘Group Set‘ for marking Canvas Assignments so you can divide the class into Groups.
  • Use the new Grade by Question for Quizzes.
  • Or if you have created a rubric you can have concurrent graders use the Rubric grading by question in the UoA Toolbox (Assignments or Quizzes). The advantage of using Rubric means you can also use UoA Toolbox: Rubric Analytics to see the spread of scores.

Problems viewing PDF documents in SpeedGrader

SpeedGrader has some issues displaying multi-layered PDF documents. To avoid students’ assignment submissions displaying incorrectly, please see this FAQ on how students should create their PDF.


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