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Higher-risk students

The University defines ‘higher-risk students’ under COVID-19 Alert conditions as learners who face increased risk in attending on-campus events.


Higher-risk students:

  • Are at higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19 as defined by the Ministry of Health.
  • Live with people who are at a higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19.
  • Have significant mental health issues that may be exacerbated by COVID-19 or COVID-19 alert level requirements.

This provision is available to all students enrolled in 2022 who may qualify. Applications to study remotely for one or more of the reasons above must be supported by written evidence from a medical practitioner or mental health professional.


Tests and examinations

  • Students supported to be studying off-campus should sit a time-limited, online version of course mid-semester tests. In 2022, final exams will be conducted as non-invigilated, online, time-limited exams. Where courses meet the criteria for invigilated exams, alternative assessment arrangements should be made.
  • Students sitting an online version of a test or examination must have access to a suitable computer and reliable internet connection. Note: Students may request devices through the Student IT Equity Initiative.
  • A student who provides the appropriate medical evidence may remain off-campus and sit time-limited, online versions of tests and examinations until such time as the higher-risk status is no longer required and their record is updated by Te Papa Manaaki | Campus Care.
  • Where a student is approved to study remotely, Campus Care staff will provide the relevant student and course information to the Assessment Services ( to ensure that appropriate arrangements are made for examinations.

Faculties are asked not to move higher-risk students into a different Canvas section.

Identification of higher-risk students

  • Under COVID-19 alert level conditions, students who believe they may be at higher risk attending activities on campus may complete the Health Consideration Form available on the Te Papa Manaaki | Campus Care website.
  • The form requires students to provide written evidence from a medical practitioner or mental health professional about why the student should not come to campus.
  • Campus Care staff work with students to obtain additional evidence or clarification of circumstances as necessary, liaising with Student Disability Services (SDS) in cases where the student is registered with SDS.
  • Campus Care verifies that the evidence is provided and, as appropriate, recommend a plan be made for the student to study remotely.
    Note: Medical or health information provided to
    Campus Care will be treated as confidential and in accordance with the University’s Personal Privacy Statements. That a student has been assessed as at ‘higher risk’ will be disclosed only to those University staff members who need this information to address the student’s needs with respect to teaching and learning situations.

Students should visit the Campus Care website for details on applying to study remotely.

Advice to faculties

The names, IDs and contact details of higher-risk students will be provided to the appropriate faculty contact (usually Student Academic Services and Engagement Managers / Student and Academic Services Managers), who will inform the Course Director responsible for addressing the student’s learning and teaching needs.

Faculty contacts will have access to the Campus Care system to view the relevant details for students in their faculty approved for higher-risk status.

Page updated 16/09/2022 (updated Assessment Services)

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