Copyright and course materials

Course material availability for remote teaching to students during Covid-19 restrictions

Universities New Zealand have been working with Copyright Licensing New Zealand (CLNZ) to obtain permission from rights owners to digitise more than the 10% or one chapter from hard copy textbooks allowed under the current licence as students will no longer be able to borrow or access hard copy texts through the library.

CLNZ have now provided us with an extension to the current licence to digitise up to 50% of hard copy texts for all students, not just students based in China. This licence will last for the duration of the emergency measures being taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and must be taken down once the emergency is over and teaching returns to normal.

As part of the permission, all content digitised under this extension must be made available through the Talis reading list so that it can be reported to CLNZ who will then pay the publishers for the content we have copied.

Talis reading lists

Continue to request items using Talis reading lists this will enable Libraries and Learning Services staff to try to source an electronic version.  We suggest you set readings each week to spread the workload over the period we are in isolation.

If you already have a digitised copy of a reading, or have a hard copy of the textbook or reading and are able to digitise it yourself, then you can upload the file to Talis yourself. Follow the instructions for uploading a PDF scan to Talis.


Films can be shown and shared with students as per normal under the Screenrights Licence.

This means any content copied from the Internet or screen captured from OnDemand television or streaming services. This includes YouTube. Other content may be available on the TV and Radio Broadcast database, eTV or Kanopy.

If you are wanting to use commercial DVDs in your teaching please discuss with the Copyright Officer. Either attend a zoom drop-in session or email

Images and diagrams

See Using images in class or on Canvas.

If you are scanning content including images and diagrams from hard copy textbooks and including these in powerpoints which are subsequently uploaded into Canvas, please complete a Talis digitisation request and upload the scan you have digitised – Digitisation for copyright compliance.

Tests and examinations

See Using third party copyright for teaching and exams.

Copyright warning notice

Make sure you include a copyright warning notice with all third party content uploaded into Canvas, see Copyright warning notice.