Lecture Theatre Recording (LTR) and Zoom enabled rooms

Recordings in a lecture recording enabled room

All lectures delivered in recording-enabled rooms will be recorded and released to students. The Recordings Tool in Canvas has a staff view and a student view. Remember, the recording captures what is projected to the main projector. For example, if you use the document camera, make sure this is fed to the main screen while you are presenting.

Read suggestions for effective recording of lecturers in recording enabled rooms: what to do before, during and after the recording.

Policy and procedures:

24-hour release time

Recordings from the lecture capture system will be released to students 24 hours after the lecture. If you need to edit the recording, please do so within this time frame. Staff can alter the default release time for their courses to a shorter or longer time-frame (up to a maximum of 72 hours). Staff electing to release lecture recordings only after 72 hours must have a compelling reason for the delay, and must have considered the impact on students, including equity groups.

For more information, see the documentation for the Canvas Recordings feature.

Ad-hoc lecture recording

102-G36OGHLecThCity Sector 100LTR enabled
104-G53OCH1City Sector 100LTR enabled
104-G54OCH2City Sector 100LTR enabled
105-012ClockTower 012City Sector 100LTR enabled
105-018ClockTower 018City Sector 100LTR enabled
105-029ClockTower 029City Sector 100LTR enabled
105-032ClockTower 032City Sector 100LTR enabled
105S-039ClockTower 039City Sector 100LTR enabled
106-100BLT100City Sector 100LTR enabled
106-204BLT 204City Sector 100LTR enabled
109-B10LibB10City Sector 100LTR enabled
109-B15LibB15City Sector 100LTR enabled
109-B28LibB28City Sector 100LTR enabled
114-G01CAG01City Sector 100LTR enabled
114-G10CAG10City Sector 100LTR enabled
114-G13CAG13City Sector 100LTR enabled
114-G14CAG14City Sector 100LTR enabled
114-G15CAG15City Sector 100LTR enabled
114-G16CAG16City Sector 100LTR enabled
114-G17CAG17City Sector 100LTR enabled
114-G18CAG18City Sector 100LTR enabled
119-G10Clock TowerCity Sector 100LTR enabled
119-G30Clock TowerCity Sector 100LTR enabled
119-110Clock TowerCity Sector 100LTR enabled
119-130Clock TowerCity Sector 100LTR enabled
201E-704HSB704City Sector 200LTR enabled
201N-208HSB 208City Sector 200LTR enabled
201N-211HSB 211City Sector 200LTR enabled
201N-346HSB1City Sector 200LTR enabled
201N-352HSB2City Sector 200LTR enabled
201N-370HSB370City Sector 200LTR enabled
201N-429HSB 429City Sector 200LTR enabled
206-201Arts 201City Sector 200LTR enabled
206-202seminar roomCity Sector 200LTR enabled
206-203Arts 203City Sector 200LTR enabled
206-209Arts 209City Sector 200LTR enabled
206-210Seminar roomCity Sector 200LTR enabled
206-213Seminar roomCity Sector 200LTR enabled
206-214Seminar roomCity Sector 200LTR enabled
206-215seminar roomCity Sector 200LTR enabled
206-216Seminar roomCity Sector 200LTR enabled
206-217seminar roomCity Sector 200LTR enabled
206-220Arts 220City Sector 200LTR enabled
206-301Seminar roomCity Sector 200LTR enabled
206-302Seminar roomCity Sector 200LTR enabled
206-314Arts 314City Sector 200LTR enabled
206-315Arts 315City Sector 200LTR enabled
207-303Arts2 C303City Sector 200LTR enabled
250-117Music TheatreCity Sector 200LTR enabled
253-101Maori 101City Sector 200LTR enabled
260-004OGGB Lab 1City Sector 200LTR enabled
260-005CaseRoom1City Sector 200LTR enabled
260-006aOne Button StudioCity Sector 200LTR enabled
260-008OGGB Lab 2City Sector 200LTR enabled
260-009CaseRoom4City Sector 200LTR enabled
260-012OGGB Lab 3City Sector 200LTR enabled
260-018OGGB Lab 6City Sector 200LTR enabled
260-040B260-040BCity Sector 200LTR enabled
260-040C260-040CCity Sector 200LTR enabled
260-051OGGB5City Sector 200LTR enabled
260-055CaseRoom3City Sector 200LTR enabled
260-057CaseRoom2City Sector 200LTR enabled
260-073OGGB4City Sector 200LTR enabled
260-092OGGB3City Sector 200LTR enabled
260-098260-098City Sector 200LTR enabled
260-115Fisher and PaykelCity Sector 200LTR enabled
260-206260-206City Sector 200LTR enabled
260-215TBLL 1City Sector 200LTR enabled
260-221TBLL 2City Sector 200LTR enabled
260-223260-223City Sector 200LTR enabled
260-325260-325City Sector 200LTR enabled
273-107Pacific 107City Sector 200LTR enabled
301-G050LgeChemCity Sector 300LTR enabled
301-G053MedChemCity Sector 300LTR enabled
302-130Science Lab 130City Sector 300LTR enabled
302-140Science Lab 140City Sector 300LTR enabled
302-G20Science CaseRoomCity Sector 300LTR enabled
303-101MLT3City Sector 300LTR enabled
303-102MLT2City Sector 300LTR enabled
303-G01SLT1City Sector 300LTR enabled
303-G02PLT2City Sector 300LTR enabled
303-G03Physics Lab G03City Sector 300LTR enabled
303-G13Science G13City Sector 300LTR enabled
303-G14Science G14City Sector 300LTR enabled
303-G15Science G15City Sector 300LTR enabled
303-G16Science G16City Sector 300LTR enabled
303-G20PLT1City Sector 300LTR enabled
303-G23MLT1City Sector 300LTR enabled
315-420KEIC SeminarCity Sector 300LTR enabled
401-401Eng1401City Sector 400LTR enabled
401-439Eng1439City Sector 400LTR enabled
402-208City Sector 400LTR enabled
402-211Eng MDL 211City Sector 400LTR enabled
402-220Eng MDL 220City Sector 400LTR enabled
402-221Eng MDL 221City Sector 400LTR enabled
402-231Eng MDL 231City Sector 400LTR enabled
421E-619Planning 619City Sector 400LTR enabled
421W-201ALR 1City Sector 400LTR enabled
421W-301ALR 5City Sector 400LTR enabled
421W-501ALR 6City Sector 400LTR enabled
423-340423-340City Sector 400LTR enabled
423-342Conf. CentreCity Sector 400LTR enabled
423-348Design TheatreCity Sector 400LTR enabled
432-1M36City Sector 400LTR enabled
439-G10City Sector 400LTR enabled
405-122MDLS W&C 1City Sector 400LTR enabled
405-136MDLS W&C 2City Sector 400LTR enabled
405-222MDLS Flexi 5City Sector 400LTR enabled
405-236MDLS Flexi 6ACity Sector 400LTR enabled
405-240MDLS Flexi 6BCity Sector 400LTR enabled
405-252MDLS W&C 4City Sector 400LTR enabled
405-268MDLS W&C 3City Sector 400LTR enabled
405-326MDLS COMP 5City Sector 400LTR enabled
405-328MDLS COMP 6City Sector 400LTR enabled
405-336MDLS COMP 7City Sector 400LTR enabled
405-344MDLS COMP 8City Sector 400LTR enabled
405-422TCH Seminar 1City Sector 400LTR enabled
405-430TCH Seminar 2City Sector 400LTR enabled
405-442MDLS Flexi 7City Sector 400LTR enabled
405-460LT 1City Sector 400LTR enabled
405-470LT 2City Sector 400LTR enabled
405-522MDLS E&I 5City Sector 400LTR enabled
405-536MDLS E&I 6City Sector 400LTR enabled
405-541MDLS E&I 7City Sector 400LTR enabled
405-552MDLS E&I 2City Sector 400LTR enabled
405-559MDLS E&I 4City Sector 400LTR enabled
405-564MDLS E&I 1City Sector 400LTR enabled
405-569MDLS E&I 3City Sector 400LTR enabled
501-010Grafton Seminar 010Grafton Sector 500LTR enabled
501-110Grafton Seminar 110Grafton Sector 500LTR enabled
501-B09Robb TheatreGrafton Sector 500LTR enabled
502-001Grafton Seminar 001Grafton Sector 500LTR enabled
502-003502-003Grafton Sector 500LTR enabled
502-004Grafton Seminar 004Grafton Sector 500LTR enabled
502-005502-005Grafton Sector 500LTR enabled
502-039Grafton Sector 500LTR enabled
502-041Grafton Sector 500LTR enabled
502-250N502-250N LabGrafton Sector 500LTR enabled
502-250S502-250S LabGrafton Sector 500LTR enabled
502-B41B41Grafton Sector 500LTR enabled
503-020Grafton Seminar 020Grafton Sector 500LTR enabled
503-024Grafton Seminar 024Grafton Sector 500LTR enabled
503-028Grafton Seminar 028Grafton Sector 500LTR enabled
503-122Grafton Sector 500LTR enabled
503-124Grafton Sector 500LTR enabled
503-126Grafton Sector 500LTR enabled
505-003Grafton Sector 500LTR enabled
505-007Grafton Sector 500LTR enabled
505-011AMRF AuditoriumGrafton Sector 500LTR enabled
507-LG002Seminar RoomGrafton Sector 500LTR enabled
507-LG004Seminar RoomGrafton Sector 500LTR enabled
507-LG045Seminar RoomGrafton Sector 500LTR enabled
507-G007Seminar RoomGrafton Sector 500LTR enabled
507-G080Seminar RoomGrafton Sector 500LTR enabled
507-G100Seminar RoomGrafton Sector 500LTR enabled
507-G125Seminar RoomGrafton Sector 500LTR enabled
507-G135Seminar RoomGrafton Sector 500LTR enabled
507-G145Seminar RoomGrafton Sector 500LTR enabled
6EB-104Epsom B104Epsom Sector 600LTR enabled
6EB-1136EB-113Epsom Sector 600LTR enabled
6ED1-G10Epsom Sector 600LTR enabled
6EJ-101Epsom J1Epsom Sector 600LTR enabled
6EJ-102Epsom J2Epsom Sector 600LTR enabled
6EJ-103Epsom J3Epsom Sector 600LTR enabled
6EN-380Epsom N3Epsom Sector 600LTR enabled
6EN-580Epsom Sector 600LTR enabled
6WC-106Tai Tok C BlockEpsom Sector 600LTR enabled
801-204Law NortheyCity Sector 800LTR enabled
801-209Law AlgieCity Sector 800LTR enabled
801-316StoneCity Sector 800LTR enabled
803-210LawSmallCity Sector 800LTR enabled
810-201Short St. 201City Sector 800LTR enabled
810-218Short St. 218City Sector 800LTR enabled
810-220Short St. 220City Sector 800LTR enabled
810-225Short St. 225City Sector 800LTR enabled
810-326Short St. 326City Sector 800LTR enabled
810-332Short St. 332City Sector 800LTR enabled
810-336Short St. 336City Sector 800LTR enabled
810-340Short St. 340City Sector 800LTR enabled
902-402New Market Sector 900LTR enabled
903-251New Market Sector 900LTR enabled
654-G02Seminar RoomManukau Sector 600LTR enabled
654-102Seminar RoomManukau Sector 600LTR enabled
104-124Old government HouseCity Sector 100Zoom enabled
104-155OCHCity Sector 100Zoom enabled
104-G07OCHCity Sector 100Zoom enabled
106-014Biology BuildingCity Sector 100Zoom enabled
106-112Biology BuildingCity Sector 100Zoom enabled
106-200Biology BuildingCity Sector 100Zoom enabled
106-214Biology BuildingCity Sector 100Zoom enabled
106-301Biology BuildingCity Sector 100Zoom enabled
106-307Biology BuildingCity Sector 100Zoom enabled
110-301Thomas BuildingCity Sector 100Zoom enabled
113-G01Elam BCity Sector 100Zoom enabled
113-G10Elam BCity Sector 100Zoom enabled
113-G12Elam BCity Sector 100Zoom enabled
201E-149HSBCity Sector 200Zoom enabled
201E-151HSBCity Sector 200Zoom enabled
201E-259HSBCity Sector 200Zoom enabled
201E-508HSBCity Sector 200Zoom enabled
201E-512HSBCity Sector 200Zoom enabled
201E-516HSBCity Sector 200Zoom enabled
201E-706HSBCity Sector 200Zoom enabled
201E-807HSBCity Sector 200Zoom enabled
201E-902HSBCity Sector 200Zoom enabled
201E-912HSBCity Sector 200Zoom enabled
206-325Arts1City Sector 200Zoom enabled
207-312Arts2City Sector 200Zoom enabled
250-114MusicCity Sector 200Zoom enabled
250-115MusicCity Sector 200Zoom enabled
250-215MusicCity Sector 200Zoom enabled
250-216MusicCity Sector 200Zoom enabled
251-G01City Sector 200Zoom enabled
253-103Maori StudiesCity Sector 200Zoom enabled
253-104Maori StudiesCity Sector 200Zoom enabled
260-016OGGBCity Sector 200Zoom enabled
260-020OGGBCity Sector 200Zoom enabled
260-022OGGBCity Sector 200Zoom enabled
260-024OGGBCity Sector 200Zoom enabled
260-026OGGBCity Sector 200Zoom enabled
260-028OGGBCity Sector 200Zoom enabled
260-040OGGBCity Sector 200Zoom enabled
260-205OGGBCity Sector 200Zoom enabled
260-213OGGBCity Sector 200Zoom enabled
260-307OGGBCity Sector 200Zoom enabled
260-315OGGBCity Sector 200Zoom enabled
260-317OGGBCity Sector 200Zoom enabled
260-319OGGBCity Sector 200Zoom enabled
260-321OGGBCity Sector 200Zoom enabled
260-323OGGBCity Sector 200Zoom enabled
273-104FaleCity Sector 200Zoom enabled
301-175Science CentreCity Sector 300Zoom enabled
301-331Science CentreCity Sector 300Zoom enabled
301-645Science CentreCity Sector 300Zoom enabled
302-150Science CentreCity Sector 300Zoom enabled
302-160Science CentreCity Sector 300Zoom enabled
302-180Science CentreCity Sector 300Zoom enabled
302-190Science CentreCity Sector 300Zoom enabled
302-230Science CentreCity Sector 300Zoom enabled
302-240Science CentreCity Sector 300Zoom enabled
302-G40Science CentreCity Sector 300Zoom enabled
303-103Science CentreCity Sector 300Zoom enabled
303-104Science CentreCity Sector 300Zoom enabled
303-310Science CentreCity Sector 300Zoom enabled
303-B05Science CentreCity Sector 300Zoom enabled
303-B07Science CentreCity Sector 300Zoom enabled
303-B09Science CentreCity Sector 300Zoom enabled
303-B11Science CentreCity Sector 300Zoom enabled
303-G04Science CentreCity Sector 300Zoom enabled
303S-175Science CentreCity Sector 300Zoom enabled
303S-191Science CentreCity Sector 300Zoom enabled
303S-279Science CentreCity Sector 300Zoom enabled
303S-B75Science CentreCity Sector 300Zoom enabled
303S-G75Science CentreCity Sector 300Zoom enabled
401-307Engineering Block 1City Sector 400Zoom enabled
401-311Engineering Block 1City Sector 400Zoom enabled
401-312Engineering Block 1City Sector 400Zoom enabled
402-225Engineering Block 2City Sector 400Zoom enabled
402-303B-402-303CEngineering Block 2City Sector 400Zoom enabled
402-449Engineering Block 2City Sector 400Zoom enabled
405-347City Sector 400Zoom enabled
405-521City Sector 400Zoom enabled
421E-113ArchitectureCity Sector 400Zoom enabled
421E-224ArchitectureCity Sector 400Zoom enabled
421E-319ArchitectureCity Sector 400Zoom enabled
421E-429ArchitectureCity Sector 400Zoom enabled
421E-526ArchitectureCity Sector 400Zoom enabled
421E-630ArchitectureCity Sector 400Zoom enabled
421W-401ArchitectureCity Sector 400Zoom enabled
421W-602ArchitectureCity Sector 400Zoom enabled
433-205City Sector 400Zoom enabled
439-433City Sector 400Zoom enabled
502-022Building 502Grafton Sector 500Zoom enabled
502-034Building 502Grafton Sector 500Zoom enabled
502-150NBuilding 502Grafton Sector 500Zoom enabled
502-150SBuilding 502Grafton Sector 500Zoom enabled
502-350SBuilding 502Grafton Sector 500Zoom enabled
503-019Building 503Grafton Sector 500Zoom enabled
505-102KBuilding 505Grafton Sector 500Zoom enabled
505-212Building 505Grafton Sector 500Zoom enabled
505-364Building 505Grafton Sector 500Zoom enabled
507-G043Building 507Grafton Sector 500Zoom enabled
507-LG049Grafton Sector 500Zoom enabled
6EA-125Epsom Sector 600Zoom enabled
6EA-127Epsom Sector 600Zoom enabled
6EA-202Epsom Sector 600Zoom enabled
6EA-209Epsom Sector 600Zoom enabled
6EA-211Epsom Sector 600Zoom enabled
6EA-325Epsom Sector 600Zoom enabled
6EB-111Epsom Sector 600Zoom enabled
6EG-113Epsom Sector 600Zoom enabled
6EG-202Epsom Sector 600Zoom enabled
6EH-203Epsom Sector 600Zoom enabled
6EH-205Epsom Sector 600Zoom enabled
6EH-301Epsom Sector 600Zoom enabled
6EH-401Epsom Sector 600Zoom enabled
6EKT-103Epsom Sector 600Zoom enabled
6EM-202Epsom Sector 600Zoom enabled
6EN-356Epsom Sector 600Zoom enabled
6EN-357Epsom Sector 600Zoom enabled
6EN-414Epsom Sector 600Zoom enabled
6EN-431Epsom Sector 600Zoom enabled
6EN-514Epsom Sector 600Zoom enabled
6EN-516Epsom Sector 600Zoom enabled
6EN-535Epsom Sector 600Zoom enabled
6EN-551Epsom Sector 600Zoom enabled
6EN-561Epsom Sector 600Zoom enabled
6EN-613Epsom Sector 600Zoom enabled
6EN-614Epsom Sector 600Zoom enabled
6EN-636Epsom Sector 600Zoom enabled
6EN-637Epsom Sector 600Zoom enabled
6WB-102Epsom Sector 600Zoom enabled
6WB-103Epsom Sector 600Zoom enabled
6WB-104Epsom Sector 600Zoom enabled
6WC-101Epsom Sector 600Zoom enabled
6WG-101Epsom Sector 600Zoom enabled
801-3128 Eden CrescentCity Sector 800Zoom enabled
803-21117 Eden CrescentCity Sector 800Zoom enabled
804-611City Sector 800Zoom enabled
820-104City Sector 800Zoom enabled
820-118City Sector 800Zoom enabled
820-202City Sector 800Zoom enabled
820-212City Sector 800Zoom enabled
820-313City Sector 800Zoom enabled
902-363BNew Market Sector 900Zoom enabled
907-240New Market Sector 900Zoom enabled
654-110Manukau Sector 600Zoom enabled
654-120Manukau Sector 600Zoom enabled

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