Lecture theatre recordings

Lecture recordings availability

Recordings from the lecture capture system will be released to students – via Canvas Recordings – 24 hours after the lecture. If you need to make edits to the recording, you should do so within this time frame. Staff will be able to reset the default release time for their courses to a shorter or longer time-frame (up to a maximum of 72 hours). Staff electing to release only after 72 hours must have a compelling reason for delaying the release for this long and must have considered the impact on students, including equity student groups.

Students identified as studying online (OO, NO, NFxx or SWxx in Canvas), do not have a timetable because they are not attending on-campus lectures. This means they will not necessarily know when the lecture recordings will be available. Course coordinators should advise students in Canvas, when to expect the lecture recordings so they can manage their study time remotely. If they are at one of the China Learning Centres, this will help them to prepare for time with Learning Facilitators.

Overseas students do not have automatic access to lecture recordings. Course coordinators need to share the relevant lecture streams to the course in Lecture Recordings – Settings.

Ad-hoc lecture recording


For queries related to Lecture Recordings, contact the Learning and Teaching Team (available business hours). Email: canvashelp@auckland.ac.nz

Sharing lecture recordings for offshore students

This example shows the Recordings tab in Canvas for STATS 201. Note that the lecturer has published the scheduled 201 L01C lecture to all course sections by clicking “Share to the course”.

Screenshot of Canvas recordings settings for offshore students

  1. Go to Recordings tab and click on Settings.
  2. Click checkbox for ‘Share to the course’ for most relevant lecture stream (e.g., L01C).
  3. Review the recording publishing delay – if no edits are required, reduce the delay time, e.g. 2 hours.

Recordings in a lecture recording enabled room

All lectures delivered in recording-enabled rooms will be recorded and released to students. The Recordings Tool in Canvas has a staff view and a student view. Remember, the recording captures what is projected to the main projector. For example, if you use the document camera, make sure this is fed to the main screen while you are presenting.

Read suggestions for effective recording of lecturers in recording enabled rooms: what to do before, during and after the recording.

Policy and procedures:

Streaming enabled teaching spaces (Zoom)


Z1 = Webcam Only
Z2 = CONTENT (doc cam, annotation tablet, laptop) and camera capture
Z3 = all of Z2 + stand alone video conference codec/PC

Refer to campus maps for locations.

NameDescriptionZoneCapacityLTRPlanned Zoom TypeInstalled Zoom Type
102-G36OGHLecTh Lecture Theatre100 Sector180YesZ2Z2
104-124Seminar Room100 Sector30NoZ1Z1
104-155Seminar Room100 Sector25NoZ1Z1
104-G07Seminar Room100 Sector30NoZ1Z1
104-G53OCH1 Lecture Theatre100 Sector108YesZ3Z3
104-G54OCH2 Lecture Theatre100 Sector108YesZ3Z3
105-012Seminar Room100 Sector48YesZ2Z2
105-018ClockT018 Lecture Theatre100 Sector72YesZ2Z2
105-029ClockT029 Lecture Theatre100 Sector82YesZ2Z2
105-032ClockT032 Lecture Theatre100 Sector70YesZ2Z2
105-101The Great Hall100 Sector50NoZ3Z3
105S-039ClockT039 Lecture Theatre100 Sector158YesZ2Z2
106-100BLT100 Lecture Theatre100 Sector155YesZ2Z2
106-112MAC1 Seminar Room100 Sector30NoZ1Z1
106-113MAC2 Seminar Room100 Sector12NoZ1Z1
106-114MAC3 Seminar Room100 Sector12NoZ1Z1
106-200Biology Level 2 West Lab100 Sector52NoZ1Z1
106-204BLT204 Lecture Theatre100 Sector113YesZ2Z2
106-214Biology Level 2 East Lab100 Sector52NoZ1Z1
106-301Biology Level 3 West Lab100 Sector70NoZ1Z1
106-307Biology Level 3 East Lab100 Sector70NoZ1Z1
109-B10LibB10 Lecture Theatre100 Sector218YesZ2Z2
109-B15LibB15 Lecture Theatre100 Sector269YesZ2Z2
109-B28LibB28 Lecture Theatre100 Sector419YesZ2Z2
110-301Biology Teaching Lab100 Sector56NoZ1Z1
113-G01Small Dance Studio100 Sector15NoZ1Z1
113-G10Large Dance Studio100 Sector30NoZ1Z1
113-G12Large Dance Studio100 Sector30NoZ1Z1
114-G01CAG01 Seminar Room100 Sector25YesZ2Z2
114-G10CAG10 Seminar Room100 Sector40YesZ2Z2
114-G13CAG13 Seminar Room100 Sector40YesZ2Z2
114-G14CAG14 Seminar Room100 Sector45YesZ2Z1
114-G15CAG15 Seminar Room100 Sector35YesZ2Z2
114-G16CAG16 Seminar Room100 Sector35YesZ2Z1
114-G17CAG17 Seminar Room100 Sector40YesZ2Z2
114-G18CAG18 Seminar Room100 Sector25YesZ2Z2
119-110Seminar Room100 Sector48YesZ2Z1
119-130Seminar Room100 Sector48YesZ2Z2
119-G10Seminar Room100 Sector48YesZ2Z2
119-G30Seminar Room100 Sector48YesZ2Z2
206-201Lecture Theatre 1200 Sector49YesZ2Z2
206-202Seminar Room 1200 Sector21YesZ2Z2
206-203Lecture Theatre 2200 Sector49YesZ2Z1
206-209Lecture Theatre 3200 Sector79YesZ2Z2
206-210Seminar Room 2200 Sector25YesZ2Z2
206-213Seminar Room 7200 Sector16YesZ2Z2
206-214Seminar Room 4200 Sector15YesZ2Z2
206-215Seminar Room 5200 Sector26YesZ2Z2
206-216Seminar Room 3200 Sector30YesZ2Z0
206-217Seminar Room 6200 Sector27YesZ2Z2
206-220Lecture Theatre 4200 Sector107YesZ2Z2
206-301Seminar Room 8200 Sector23YesZ2Z1
206-302Seminar Room 9200 Sector20YesZ2Z2
206-314Seminar Room 10200 Sector20YesZ2Z2
206-315Lecture Theatre 5200 Sector72YesZ2Z2
206-325Drama Studio200 Sector120NoZ1Z1
207-303C303 Lecture Theatre200 Sector49YesZ2Z2
250-117Music Recording Room / Theatre200 Sector164YesZ2Z2
253-101Lecture Theatre200 Sector39YesZ2Z2
253-103Seminar Room200 Sector18NoZ1Z1
253-104Seminar Room200 Sector18NoZ1Z1
260-004Comp Lab 1200 Sector30YesZ2Z1
260-005CaseRoom1200 Sector70YesZ2Z2
260-008Comp Lab 2200 Sector32YesZ2Z1
260-009CaseRoom4200 Sector69YesZ2Z2
260-012Comp Lab 3200 Sector32YesZ2Z1
260-014Comp Lab 4200 Sector30NoZ1Z1
260-016Comp Lab 5200 Sector32NoZ1Z1
260-018Comp Lab 6200 Sector30NoZ1Z1
260-020Comp Lab 7200 Sector32NoZ1Z1
260-022Comp Lab 8200 Sector32NoZ1Z1
260-024Comp Lab 9200 Sector32NoZ1Z1
260-026Comp Lab 10200 Sector32NoZ1Z1
260-028Comp Lab 11200 Sector30NoZ1Z1
260-036Bring your own device200 Sector40YesZ2Z1
260-040Team Based Learning Lab200 Sector120NoZ2Z1
260-040BSeminar Room200 Sector100YesZ2Z1
260-051OGGB5 Lecture Theatre200 Sector142YesZ2Z2
260-055CaseRoom3200 Sector69YesZ2Z2
260-057CaseRoom2200 Sector69YesZ2Z2
260-073OGGB4 Lecture Theatre200 Sector291YesZ2Z2
260-092OGGB3 Lecture Theatre200 Sector289YesZ2Z2
260-098Lecture Theatre 260-098200 Sector569YesZ2Z2
260-115F&PAA Auditorium200 Sector569YesZ2Z2
260-128Financial Lab200 Sector45YesZ2Z0
260-201GSeminar Room200 SectorNoZ2Z1
260-205Signium International Room200 Sector20NoZ2Z2
260-206Seminar Room200 Sector24YesZ2Z1
260-213Seminar Room200 Sector16NoZ2Z1
260-215Team Based Learning Lab200 Sector72YesZ2Z2
260-221Team Based Learning Lab200 Sector72YesZ2Z2
260-223Case Room200 Sector47YesZ2Z2
260-245Graduate School of Enterprise Video Conferencing Room200 Sector12NoZ3Z3
260-307Seminar Room200 Sector20NoZ2Z1
260-310Decima Glenn Multi-Function Room200 Sector60NoZ3Z3
260-315Ernst & Young Room200 Sector16NoZ2Z1
260-317Business School Designated Seminar Room200 Sector28NoZ2Z1
260-319Seminar Room200 Sector20NoZ2Z1
260-321Seminar Room200 Sector30NoZ2Z1
260-323Seminar Room200 Sector22NoZ2Z1
260-325Case/Video conferencing Room200 Sector47YesZ3Z3
273-104Seminar Room200 Sector28YesZ2Z2
273-107Seminar Room200 Sector28YesZ2Z2
301-331Seminar Room300 Sector16NoZ1Z1
302-130Multi Disciplinary Lab300 Sector56YesZ2Z2
302-140Multi Disciplinary Lab300 Sector66YesZ2Z2
302-150Psychology Teaching Lab300 Sector20NoZ1Z1
302-160SCIFAC Teaching Lab300 Sector24NoZ1Z1
302-170Science Centre Drop-in Assistance Lab300 Sector130NoZ1
302-180Computer Lab - School of Environment300 Sector56NoZ1Z1
302-190Computer Lab - School of Environment300 Sector56NoZ1Z1
302-240Advanced Teaching Room300 Sector30NoZ1Z1
302-G20Case Room300 Sector68YesZ2Z2
302-G40Computer Lab (teaching)300 Sector60NoZ1Z1
303-101MLT3 Lecture Theatre300 Sector101YesZ2Z2
303-102MLT2 Lecture Theatre300 Sector168YesZ2Z2
303-103Chemistry Teaching Lab300 Sector126NoZ1Z1
303-103EChemistry Teaching Lab300 Sector99NoZ1Z1
303-104Chemistry Teaching Lab300 Sector84NoZ1Z1
303-148Seminar Room300 Sector36YesZ2Z2
303-153Seminar Room300 Sector48YesZ2Z2
303-155Seminar Room300 Sector70YesZ2Z2
303-B05Seminar Room300 Sector40NoZ1Z1
303-B07Seminar Room300 Sector30NoZ1Z1
303-B09Seminar Room300 Sector40NoZ1Z1
303-B11Seminar Room300 Sector30NoZ1Z1
303-B13Tuakana Room300 SectorNoZ1Z1
303-G01SLT1 Lecture Theatre300 Sector122YesZ2Z2
303-G02PLT2 Lecture Theatre300 Sector122YesZ2Z2
303-G03Ugrad Teaching Lab300 Sector126YesZ2Z2
303-G13Data Science Computer Lab300 Sector40YesZ2Z2
303-G14Seminar Room300 Sector48YesZ2Z2
303-G15Seminar Room300 Sector48YesZ2Z2
303-G16Seminar Room300 Sector56YesZ2Z2
303-G20PLT1 Lecture Theatre300 Sector293YesZ2Z2
303-G23MLT1 Lecture Theatre300 Sector279YesZ2Z2
303S-175Tutorial Computer Lab300 Sector48NoZ1Z1
303S-191Science drop in Computer Lab300 Sector124YesZ2Z2
303S-279Tutorial Computer Lab300 Sector40YesZ2Z2
303S-B75Tutorial Computer Lab300 Sector41NoZ1Z1
303S-G75Tutorial Computer Lab300 Sector47YesZ2Z2
303S-G87Tutorial Computer Lab300 Sector16NoZ1Z1
315-431300 Sector10NoZ1
315-433300 Sector10NoZ1
401-307MDLS Computer 2400 Sector41NoZ1Z0
401-311MDLS Computer 3400 Sector32NoZ1Z0
401-312MDLS Computer 4400 Sector42NoZ1Z0
401-401Eng1401 Lecture Theatre400 Sector269YesZ2Z2
401-439Eng1439 Lecture Theatre400 Sector256YesZ2Z2
402-208Tutorial Computer Lab400 Sector35YesZ1Z1
402-211MDLS Flexible 1400 Sector44YESZ1Z1
402-220MDLS Flexible 2400 Sector40YesZ1Z1
402-221MDLS Flexible 3400 Sector40YesZ1Z1
402-231MDLS Flexible 4400 Sector40YesZ1Z1
402-320CAI Teaching Space A400 Sector24NoZ1Z1
402-322CAI Teaching Space B400 Sector24YesZ2Z2
402-324CAI Teaching Space C400 Sector24YesZ2Z2
402-326CAI Teaching Space D400 Sector24NoZ1Z1
402-330CAI Teaching Space E400 Sector30NoZ1Z1
402-340CAI Fabrication400 Sector28NoZ1Z1
405-122MDLS Wet & Clean 1400 Sector48YesZ1Z1
405-136MDLS Wet & Clean 2400 Sector48YesZ1Z1
405-188MDLS Wet & Clean 1/2 Support400 Sector16No
405-222MDLS Flexible 5400 Sector50YesZ1Z1
405-236MDLS Flexible 6A400 Sector16YesZ1Z1
405-240MDLS Flexible 6B400 Sector16YesZ1Z1
405-252MDLS Wet & Clean 4400 Sector50YesZ1Z1
405-268MDLS Wet & Clean 3400 Sector50YesZ1Z1
405-326MDLS Computer 5400 Sector40YesZ1Z1
405-328MDLS Computer 6400 Sector42YesZ1Z1
405-336MDLS Computer 7 (BYOD)400 Sector48YesZ1Z1
405-344MDLS Computer 8 (BYOD)400 Sector48YesZ2Z1
405-347MDLS Flexible Support - 3D Printers400 Sector32NoZ1Z1
405-422Seminar Room400 Sector64YesZ2Z2
405-430Seminar Room400 Sector64YesZ2Z2
405-442MDLS Flexible 7400 Sector48YesZ1Z1
405-460Lecture Theatre400 Sector252YesZ2Z2
405-470Lecture Theatre400 Sector252YesZ2Z2
405-521MDLS Soldering Workshop400 Sector24NoZ1Z1
405-522MDLS Elec & Inst 5400 Sector72YesZ1Z1
405-536MDLS Elec & Inst 6400 Sector36YesZ1Z1
405-541MDLS Elec & Inst 7400 Sector36YesZ1Z1
405-552MDLS Elec & Inst 2400 Sector40YesZ1Z1
405-559MDLS Elec & Inst 4400 Sector36YesZ1Z1
405-564MDLS Elec & Inst 1400 Sector28YesZ1Z1
405-569MDLS Elec & Inst 3400 Sector36YesZ1Z1
4.21E-111Design Studio400 Sector30NoZ1Z1
0CAI Crit Space400 Sector50NoZ1
421E-311ACAI Crit Space Bay A with Data Projector400 Sector20NoZ1
421E-311BCAI Crit Space BayB with Data Projector400 Sector20NoZ1
421E-311DCAI Crit Space Bay D with Data Projector400 Sector20NoZ1
421E-311ECAI Crit Space Bay E with Data Projector400 Sector20NoZ1
421E-619Planning 619 Seminar Room400 Sector45YesZ2Z2
421W-201ALR1 Lecture Theatre400 Sector118YesZ2Z2
421W-301ALR5 Lecture Theatre400 Sector84YesZ2Z2
421W-401Urban Design - Studio400 Sector35NoZ1Z1
421W-501ALR6 Seminar Room400 Sector42YesZ1Z1
421W-602West Planning Studio400 Sector50NoZ1Z1
423-340Seminar Room400 Sector50YesZ2Z2
423-342Conference Centre Lecture Theatre400 Sector180YesZ2Z2
423-348Design Theatre400 Sector90YesZ2
432-1M36Lecture Theatre - restricted access400 Sector65YesZ2Z2
439-G10Seminar Room 2400 Sector40YesZ2Z2
501-010Seminar RoomGrafton100YesZ2Z2
501-110Seminar RoomGrafton108YesZ2Z2
501-B09Robb Lecture theatreGrafton240YesZ2Z2
502-001Seminar RoomGrafton40YesZ2Z2
502-003Seminar RoomGrafton39YesZ2Z2
502-004Pharmacy LabGrafton52NoN/AN/A
502-005Pharmacy Dispensing LabGrafton30NoN/AN/A
502-022Clinical Skills Resource CentreGrafton18NoZ1N/A
502-032Clinical Learning SpaceGrafton10NoZ1N/A
502-034Seminar RoomGrafton28NoZ1Z1
502-039MDL Ground Floor North Lab/502-03Grafton60YesNANA
502-041MDL Ground Floor South Lab/502-041Grafton60YesNANA
502-150NMDL First Floor NorthGrafton60YesNANA
502-150SMDL First Floor SouthGrafton60YesNANA
502-250NPhysiology Teaching Laboratory NorthGrafton48YesZ2Z1
502-250SPhysiology Teaching Laboratory SouthGrafton48YesZ2Z1
502-350NPharmTeachingLab NorthGrafton36NoZ2Z2
502-350SPharmTeachingLab SouthGrafton36NoZ2Z2
503-019Manaakitia RoomGrafton10YesZ3Z3
503-020Seminar RoomGrafton51YesZ2Z2
503-024Seminar RoomGrafton50YesZ2Z2
503-028Seminar RoomGrafton50YesZ2Z2
503-122Seminar RoomGrafton35YesZ2Z2
503-124Computer LabGrafton62YesZ2Z2
503-126Seminar RoomGrafton36YesZ2Z2
503-128Seminar RoomGrafton29YesZ2Z2
505-007Lecture Theatre - 2Grafton250YesZ2Z2
505-011Lecture Theatre - 1 (AMRF Auditorium)Grafton300YesZ2Z2
505-212Seminar RoomsGrafton12NoZ1Z1
505-358Laboratory - OptometryGrafton16NoZ1Z1
505-364Seminar RoomGrafton20YesZ2Z2
507-G007Seminar RoomGrafton80YesZ2Z2
507-G043Seminar RoomGrafton12NoZ1Z1
507-G080Seminar RoomGrafton70YesZ2Z2
507-G100Seminar RoomGrafton70YesZ2Z2
507-G125Seminar RoomGrafton40YesZ2Z2
507-G135Seminar RoomGrafton40YesZ2Z2
507-G145Seminar RoomGrafton40YesZ2Z2
507-LG002Seminar RoomGrafton30YesZ2Z2
507-LG004Seminar RoomGrafton50YesZ2Z2
507-LG045Seminar RoomGrafton30YesZ2Z2
507-LG047Seminar RoomGrafton12NoZ1Z1
507-LG049Seminar RoomGrafton14NoZ1Z1
620-305POD IT Skills Room400 Sector12NoZ1
620-401400 Sector30NoZ1Z1
620-501POD Training Room400 Sector25NoZ1Z1
654-101Wet LabSouth Auckland Campus56NoZ1Z1
654-102Seminar RoomSouth Auckland Campus48YesZ2Z1
654-110Seminar RoomSouth Auckland Campus42NoZ1Z1
654-120Seminar RoomSouth Auckland Campus42NoZ1Z1
654-G02Seminar RoomSouth Auckland Campus72YesZ3Z3
654-G20Seminar/study RoomSouth Auckland Campus40NoZ1Z1
6EA-125Art Studio - 6EA-125-143Epsom60NoZ1Z1
6EA-136Seminar RoomEpsom30NoZ1Z1
6EA-201A Dean's Board Room Epsom30NoZ3Z3
6EA-202Seminar RoomEpsom45NoZ1Z1
6EA-209Seminar RoomEpsom40NoZ1Z1
6EA-211Seminar RoomEpsom40NoZ1Z1
6EA-322Science LabEpsom40NoZ1Z1
6EA-324Science LabEpsom40NoZ1Z1
6EA-325Collaborative Active Learning Spaces (CALS)Epsom96YESZ2Z2
6EB-104Seminar RoomEpsom35YESZ3Z3
6EB-111Music RoomEpsom45NoZ1Z1
6EB-118Music RoomEpsom40NoZ1Z1
6ED1-G10Seminar RoomEpsom60YESZ3Z3
6ED1-G19Seminar RoomEpsom25NoZ1Z1
6EG-105Practical Activity SpaceEpsom35NoZ1Z1
6EH-203Seminar RoomEpsom40YesZ1Z1
6EH-205Seminar RoomEpsom40NoZ1Z1
6EH-301Seminar RoomEpsom36NoZ1Z1
6EH-401Collaborative Active Learning Spaces (CALS)Epsom45NoZ1Z1
6EH-501 Meeting Room Epsom15NoZ1Z1
6EJ-101Duncan McGhie Lecture TheatreEpsom240YESZ3Z3
6EJ-102Lecture TheatreEpsom95YESZ3Z3
6EJ-103Lecture TheatreEpsom98YESZ3Z3
6EL-211 Seminar RoomEpsom15NoZ1Z1
6EL-212 Training RoomEpsom15NoZ1Z1
6EN-313 Meeting Room Epsom12NoZ1Z1
6EN-356Seminar RoomEpsom40YesZ1Z1
6EN-357Specialist Virtual RoomEpsom40NoZ1Z1
6EN-380Owen Gilmore Lecture TheatreEpsom185YESZ3Z3
6EN-414Seminar RoomEpsom35NoZ1Z1
6EN-415 CHSSWK Meeting Room Epsom28NoZ3Z3
6EN-431 PC Computer Lab Epsom40NoZ0Z0
6EN-433 Mac Computer Lab Epsom40NoZ1Z1
6EN-480Lecture TheatreEpsom110YESZ2Z2
6EN-514Seminar RoomEpsom40NoZ1Z1
6EN-516Seminar RoomEpsom35NoZ1Z1
6EN-517One Button StudioEpsom1YESZ0Z0
6EN-551Seminar RoomEpsom45YesZ1Z1
6EN-561Seminar RoomEpsom40NoZ1Z1
6EN-580Lecture TheatreEpsom103YESZ2Z2
6EN-613Seminar RoomEpsom35NoZ1Z1
6EN-614Collaborative Active Learning Spaces (CALS)Epsom60YesZ2Z2
6EN-632Seminar RoomEpsom40NoZ1Z1
6EN-636Seminar RoomEpsom40NoZ1Z1
6EN-637Collaborative Active Learning Spaces (CALS)Epsom60YesZ2Z2
6ET-101Technology LabEpsom40NoZ1Z1
6ET-102Technology LabEpsom40NoZ1Z1
6ET-104Technology LabEpsom40NoZ1Z1
801-204Northey Lecture Theatre800 Sector99YesZ2Z2
801-207Law Forum 1800 SectorNoZ1Z1
801-209Algie Lecture Theatre800 Sector107YesZ2Z2
801-316Stone Lecture Theatre800 Sector108YesZ2Z1
803-210LawSmall Lecture Theatre800 Sector70YesZ2Z2
803-211Law Forum 4800 SectorNoZ1Z1
810-201Seminar Room800 Sector25YesZ2Z2
810-218Seminar Room800 Sector25YesZ2Z2
810-220Seminar Room800 Sector25YesZ2Z2
810-225Lecture Theatre800 Sector53YesZ2Z2
810-326Seminar Room800 Sector25YesZ2Z2
810-330External Exams room800 Sector15NoZ1
810-332Seminar Room800 Sector30YesZ2Z2
810-336Seminar Room800 Sector20YesZ2Z1
810-340Seminar Room800 Sector45YesZ2Z2
820-212Dance Studio800 Sector40NoZ1Z1
902-402Seminar RoomNewmarket48YesZ3Z3

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