Upload video to Mediastore

Use the Mediastore to upload pre-recorded videos then insert them into Canvas. 

Mediastore handles short or long videos (max file size 1GB)

If your files are larger than 1GB you should compress the file size before uploading to Mediastore. Only staff can upload videos to the Mediastore but both staff and students can view them.

  • Select the Category/ Project as 2020_STUDYPLAN.

Only videos uploaded to ‘2020_STUDYPLAN’ should be linked or embedded into Canvas.

  • All videos uploaded to ‘2020_STUDYPLAN’ are pre-pended with the copyright notice and is available to be viewed by all approved users including overseas students.
  • Any other ‘category/project’ selected does not get redirected to mediaplayer.auckland.ac.nz. Videos will not available to all overseas students and will not have the copyright notice pre-pended.

Detailed questions about Mediastore are provided in the FAQs section.

Embed a Mediastore video into a Canvas page

Once you have uploaded your video to the University’s Mediastore, embed it into your Canvas page.

  1. Edit your Canvas page.
  2. Place the cursor where you want to embed the video.
  3. Click the Insert menu, followed by the Embed option.
  4. Paste this code (remember to change the link with the one that the Mediastore sent you).

<iframe src=https://mediastore.auckland.ac.nz/uploaded/project/2020_STUDYPLAN/09-2021/4d459e2e84bb46eb8ae7cc814bc2e960.preview width="780" height="513" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen" frameBorder="0"></iframe>

Screenshot of Canvas' rich text editor, showing the Insert menu, followed by the Embed option

Screenshot of Canvas showing the embed code option


If you haven’t received an email from Mediastore within a few hours of uploading your file, please contact Staff Service Centre:
Phone +64 9 923 6000 or ext 86000, or request support from Applications Services (select Media Uploader from the drop-down list).

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