Upload video to Panopto

From 2022, Panopto replaces Mediastore as the storage space for course videos and audio files.

Upload pre-recorded video or audio to Panopto

If your files are larger than 1GB, consider compressing the video before uploading it.

  • From Canvas, navigate to Panopto Video.
  • Select the folder to upload to or create a new one; use meaningful names for ease of navigation.
  • Click the Create button and select Upload media.

Screenshot of Canvas showing Panopto page

  • Wait for Panopto to process the file. It will appear in your folder.

Screenshot of Canvas showing Panopto video folder


Embed the video into Canvas

Now that you have uploaded a video to Panopto, students can access it from the Panopto Video tab. Alternatively, you can embed it into Canvas wherever there is a rich text editor, e.g. Announcements, Assignments, Pages, etc.

  • Click the Panopto icon from the rich text editor toolbar.

Screenshot of Canvas' Page editor

  • If necessary, browse to the correct folder using the drop-down list.
  • Select the video and click Insert. The video will appear on the page.

Screenshot of Panopto select video screen

Watch a video demonstration on the Panopto support website.

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