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The University of Auckland China Learning Centres (CLCs) are a partnership between the University of Auckland and Australia Education Management Group (AEMG).

About the China Learning Centres

The CLCs have been established to provide students in China who are learning online with a campus experience and face-to-face learning support to enhance their student experience.

View more information about the China Learning Centres.

Learning facilitators provide supplementary learning support for University of Auckland students based at each CLC, and work under the guidance and direction of the University appointed course convenor/s, providing four hours of student learning support per week to:

  • Assist students in their understanding of academic material.
  • Attend some online classes and conduct additional supplementary support sessions with students.
  • Direct students’ enquiries to appropriate learning support services e.g., student support, Library or their subject coordinators.
  • Refer any questions about the University and its academic or administrative process to the discipline lead.

Learning facilitators do not deliver tutorials or lectures unless approved as an exception through the International Office.

For University staff

For learning facilitators

The information below will help learning facilitators understand the University in order to support our students in China.

Who we want our students to become – The Graduate Profile

Our teachers strive to ensure University graduates will have what it takes to make a positive and substantial impact in a complex and changing world. The Graduate Profile will help you to understand the six themes at the centre of our academic courses. The learning outcomes for all courses link to the graduate profile.

Where to find help and support:


University technology and access


Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Students and learning facilitators should install the University’s new VPN service (Virtual Private Network) to their computer. This connects them to the University of Auckland campus network, enabling access to websites and systems that are otherwise restricted from offshore.



All students learn online through Canvas. This is where they communicate with their lecturer, watch lecture recordings, access course readings and do most of their learning.

To monitor student engagement for different sections within Canvas, read the guide on using the new Canvas Analytics.


Courses allocation

Learning Facilitators are allocated to courses. The CLC Campus Manager has a copy of the courses allocated to each Learning Facilitator.

How to tell whether a course is undergraduate/bachelors or postgraduate

Course numbers tell you which level the course is, for example:

  • ENGGEN 131 or EDUC 123 are first-year courses for Bachelors degrees.
  • ENGGEN 224 or EDUC 234 are second-year courses for Bachelors degrees.
  • ENGGEN 315 or EDUC 336 are third-year courses for Bachelors degrees.
  • EDUC 716 or COMPSCI 758 are postgraduate (i.e., Masters) level courses.



FlexIT is an online service that gives students access to University software applications (e.g., Matlab) from any device, anywhere, at any time.


Libraries and Learning Services

Visit the University of Auckland Libraries and Learning Services website to view the range of services, workshops and support available for students and staff.


Digital copies of course readings

Students will have a course reading list in Canvas. If the course readings are not available in digital form, students can request a chapter or article. Read more about copyright and course material available for students studying remotely.


English Language Enrichment (ELE) for Learning Facilitators

English Language Enrichment is the University’s English language service for staff and students. Learning facilitators can access online resources to develop their English online and participate in language learning groups to improve English language proficiency.

Key dates 2021

Please visit the University Calendar for key dates in Semester Two.

Frequently asked questions

Students are not turning up to classes at the CLC, what can I do?

It is not compulsory for University of Auckland students to attend classes but it is highly recommended.

  • Make sure your course lecturer(s) know what time your classes are scheduled at the CLC.
  • Tell them how many students are coming to class and ask for their advice. They may be able to do an announcement or check-in with the students to remind them about class time.
  • Let your Campus Coordinator or Manager know how many students are coming to class.


How do I access University IT applications and software (i.e., Matlab, SPSS)?

To access University software for courses, you can request access to FlexIT.

Do I need to use English language in class, why?

Yes. All Learning Facilitators need to use English language as this is the language of instruction in New Zealand. Students need to keep improving their English language proficiency to complete their assignments, tests and exams in English.

How can I improve my own English language?

The University of Auckland supports all Learning Facilitators and students to improve and enhance their English language.  You can access our services for free. Contact the English Language Enrichment service.

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