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17 September 2020

In response to Government guidelines for tertiary education providers in Auckland, and to ensure certainty and predictability for our students and staff, the Vice Chancellor has announced that will continue in online learning mode up to and including Friday 2 October, regardless of COVID-19 alert levels.

21 August 2020

As confirmed by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academic, we will remain in remote teaching mode until 21 September 2 October. Read more about the recent guidelines for online tests.

  • Any tests scheduled for this time must be run online in a non-invigilated setting [1] These tests should be non-invigilated, time-limited and designed to test higher-order thinking.
  • As per previous policy statements on online tests, test marks may not be reallocated to the final examination as a solution for the absence of secure assessment.
  • The timing and weighting of these tests will be as previously stated and scheduled.
  • Where necessary and practicable, tests should be modified to ensure they are appropriate for non-invigilated delivery with consideration given to the time available for students to complete the task.
  • Do not cancel tests unless absolutely necessary and please advise your students as soon as possible about the arrangements for teaching and upcoming assessments and tests.
  • If not already scheduled, test start times are recommended to be after 1pm to allow for differences with time zones in Asia where most offshore students are situated. The University is no longer recommending the use of 24-hr test windows.
  • All students sitting online tests must be advised about the importance of academic integrity and the University’s approach to academic misconduct, including the identification of students who dishonestly use external online resources during tests.

Guidance and support for assessment design, academic integrity and online delivery are available through this website.

[1] Special exceptions may apply for some tests in programmes where accreditation or registration requirements require invigilated assessment to be undertaken. Tests scheduled for delivery on Tai Tokerau Campus may be delivered on campus.

Remote teaching overview

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Assessment redesign options for remote teaching including course work, tests, Canvas quizzes/assignments and exams.

Academic integrity

Information about promoting academic integrity in your courses and an academic honesty declaration for assessments.

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Canvas tools and strategies for communication and collaboration online.

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