Latest updates

25 August 2021

With the advent of another COVID-19 lockdown, we remind staff of our pages on using Zoom to record course instructional materials and adding recordings to Canvas, along with using Canvas or Inspera (recommended) for conducting online mid-semester tests.

Read about the modified compassionate consideration procedure for tests and quizzes (scheduled 23-29 August) during alert level 4. The Compassionate Consideration Application Form is available on the University website.

The policy for teaching delivery, coursework, tests and examinations for the remainder of 2021 is available on the Policy Hub.

Remote teaching overview

A checklist to help you prepare your course for remote and mixed-mode teaching.


Assessment redesign options for remote teaching including course work, tests, Canvas quizzes/assignments and exams.

Academic integrity

Information about promoting academic integrity in your courses and an academic honesty declaration for assessments.

Course content

Recording and uploading lectures using Zoom and other tools; teaching materials, copyright, and accessibility.


Canvas tools and strategies for communication and collaboration online.

Additional resources

Upcoming drop-in sessions and recordings from past workshops on assessments, Zoom, Canvas, communication and more.