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3 June 2020

Questions about creating Final Assessments, marking in Canvas and submitting Final Grades?

Canvas drop-in sessions available 9-10am every Thursday from 4 June to 16 July via Zoom.


21 May 2020

Read the latest release of the University COVID-19 revised assessments approach:

The latest updates from the University can be found on the Coronavirus outbreak page. See also:

Teaching to remote students is a shift from traditional face-to-face teaching. You already have many course materials and this website is designed to guide your thinking and help you provide ‘equivalency’ for students who cannot be on campus.

Remote teaching overview

Preparing your course for remote teaching using core university tools. 


Assessment redesign options for remote teaching and Final Assessments, including take-home tests and Canvas quizzes/assignments.

Academic integrity

Information about promoting academic integrity in your courses and an academic honesty declaration for Final Assessments.

Course content

Recording and uploading lectures using Zoom and other tools; teaching materials, copyright, and accessibility.


Canvas tools and strategies for communication and collaboration online.

Additional resources

Recordings from live sessions on assessments, Zoom, Canvas, copyright, and communication online.