Canvas Quiz

Practice Canvas Quiz

Practice Canvas Quiz examples are available from Canvas Commons to import into your own Canvas Courses:

  • Make sure you have logged into Canvas.
  • Once you are in Canvas Commons, search for ”university of auckland final assessment” 
  • ”Types of question available in Canvas Quiz” and ”Final Assessments practice example template” will appear and you can import them into your Canvas courses.

Submitting Canvas Quiz answers to Turnitin

Canvas Quizzes are not currently integrated with Turnitin. However, we have developed a workaround which may require some technical expertise to download written quiz answers for uploading to Turnitin.

Question types and question banks

Canvas Quizzes are a good option to create assessments that include these question types:

To see how these question types work in Canvas Quizzes, log into Canvas and view the sample in Canvas Commons on ‘Example of question types in Canvas Quizzes for Final Assessment’.

  • If you require students to view media (e.g., images, audio, video, other files) in order to do their assessment task, you can upload files as part of your quiz instructions.
  • If you require students to upload files as part of their answer, you can use the text book provided to students in Essay question type or File upload question type.

Images and files attached to questions in a Quiz are saved in the “Uploaded media” folder in Files. To make sure students cannot access these files prior to a quiz starts, you can change the permission settings in Files.


Question banks

Canvas quizzes also allow you to create question banks so that students receive a random selection of questions. We recommend that any questions in a question bank are of equivalent difficulty to ensure equity and fairness in assessment.

For more guidance on designing your assessment questions see Design of Final Assessments.

Recommended settings for Canvas Quiz options
  • Select ‘Shuffle answers’ to allow randomised display of order of answers if using MCQs (but rephrase any MCQs with answers that depend on their position, e.g., “All of the above”)
  • Leave ‘Time limit’ unticked. Set the Availability time and Due time to include the 30 minute grace period. If you enable the time limit setting and add minutes, it can give a misleading timer countdown to students.
  • Do not allow multiple attempts. ‘Allow multiple attempts’ is unchecked by default so ensure that it remains unchecked for the Final Assessment. You may wish to advise students not to hit the submit button until they are absolutely sure they want to ‘hand in’ the Final Assessment.
  • Tick ‘Show one question at a time‘ so students’ answers are saved every time they progress to the next question. Not ticking this will allow students to see all questions on the screen at the same time, but introduces the risk that they could lose their work if they have internet connection issues before submitting.
  • Do not ‘Lock questions after answering’ so students have the opportunity to review their answers before submitting.

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Do not reveal the answers to the students during the assessment time

To make sure Canvas Quiz does not reveal the answers to the students during the assessment time:

  • Uncheck “Let students see their quiz responses…” option so that students cannot view what they answered after they submitted a quiz. Students also will not see the correct answers after each attempt if the option is unchecked.
  • Then from your Canvas course, go to Grades, locate the Final Assessment(s). Click on the three dots beside the name of the assessment.
  • Click on Grade Posting Policy and choose Manual, scroll to the bottom and click Save.


Reminders for students before they 'Submit quiz'

We recommend you communicate with students that they should not click ‘Submit quiz’ on their Canvas Quiz until they are completely finished. Some wording that may be useful to use in your communications:

You should only click ‘Submit quiz’ when you are absolutely sure you are finished with your assessment and no longer want to make any changes. You only have one attempt at this quiz. Once you hit ‘Submit quiz’ you will not be able to re-open the quiz.

You can also include two types of reminders within the Canvas Quiz itself.

Add a reminder in the final question instructions:

This is the final question in this Quiz. Please ensure you check all your answers and have made any changes you need to make before you hit ‘Submit quiz’. You only have one attempt at this quiz. Once you hit ‘Submit quiz’ you will not be able to re-open the quiz.

And add a reminder in a Text (no question) at the end of the Quiz:

This is the end of the Quiz. When you hit ‘Submit quiz’ you will not be able to reopen the Quiz or make any changes. Please make sure you have reviewed all your answers and made any changes you need to before you hit ‘Submit quiz’.

Timer in Canvas Quiz

When students begin the Canvas quiz they will see a timer, showing how long they have spent on the quiz. We suggest that you advise students that this timer is not important, just that they need to submit the completed quiz before the due date and time.

Suggestion on message for students completing a Canvas Quiz in Final Assessment:
“Canvas will show you a timer indicating how long you have spent on this quiz. Your overall time spent within the 24-hour window is not restricted; instead, ensure that you have submitted the completed quiz before the due date and time ([date and time here]).”

Setting the availability of the Quiz

Difference between assignment due dates and availability dates.

  • Set the availability of the Canvas Quiz by going to Edit, then scrolling down to the Options settings.
  • Final Assessments should be made available from 1pm NZST (use 13:00 in Canvas) on the date of the assessment and close 24 hours later.
    • Under ‘Assign’ set your Due date for the end date of the 24-hour cycle of your final assessment at [date] 12:59.
    • Set Available from for 13:00 on the date of the start of the final assessment.
    • The available “Until” time should be set to 30 minutes later than due time to act as a grace period for any technical issues. Set Until for 13:30 for the date of the end of the 24-hour cycle for the final assessment.
  • For example, if the 24-hour cycle of your final assessment begins on the 29 June 13:00, set the Due time for 30 June 12:59, the Available from time as 29 June 13:00, Until 30 June 13:30. 
  • Don’t forget to Save and publish your Quiz when ready.

Availability times

Note: You may encounter some error with setting up the availability times if the assessment ‘due date is set after the course term ends’. To fix this, you will need to ensure the ‘Ends’ dates are entered correctly and the option ‘Students can only participate in the course between these dates’ is checked in setting. Read full instruction on the Canvas blog page.

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